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About our Wellness and Spa

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Cherdchai has been operating her spa and salon in Wanchai since 1995.
Right from the beginning she was overwhelmingly popular with both men and women wanting to experience traditional Thai treatment and hospitality.

As she was a qualified as a Hairdresser and Stylist in Australia, she started her business in Hong Kong as a hair salon together with manicure and pedicure treatment.

In 2000 she added other Spa services in response to client demand and the capabilities of her growing team.

Facials, massaging and waxing were introduced as regular features.
In recent years she has broadened the product offering as new methods and treatments have become available.

She and her team have been popular with all variety of expatriates and locals including Thais resident in Hong Kong.

Joined now by Angel Oonsup, who similarly has had many years of experience as a hair stylist in Hong Kong and also as a gentleman’s barber and grooming specialist.

Cherdchai’s is one of the very few spa and salon businesses in Hong Kong, which offers the full range of services and treatments from hair through to spa services.

She has been a pioneering independent operator in the business for many years.