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Who We Are & What We Do

Cherdchai has been operating her spa and salon in Wanchai since 1995. Right from the beginning she was overwhelmingly popular with both men and women wanting to experience traditional Thai treatment and hospitality. As she was a qualified as a Hairdresser and Stylist in Australia, she started her business in Hong Kong as a hair salon together with manicure and pedicure treatment. In 2000 she added other Spa services in response to client demand and the capabilities of her growing team.

She and her team have been popular with all variety of expatriates and locals including Thais resident in Hong Kong.

Cherdchai Bunwanna

Born and raised in Bangkok, Cherdchai took herself to Sydney aged 19 to learn English and obtained a certified qualification as a Hairdresser and Stylist in New South Wales. In her youth she had worked in the salon of an aunt so had learnt the business from the ground up. Tiring of the life of a housewife a few years after arriving in Hong Kong, she founded her business in 1996.

She is naturally gifted and deeply experienced in all aspects of the beauty business and takes tremendous pleasure in advising clients on their appearance and grooming.

Antony Wood

Hailing from England and New Zealand, Antony has lived in Hong Kong for many years and having a background in finance takes care of administrative and “office” matters, allowing the “girls” to run the business.


Born and raised in Bangkok, Belle worked in beauty salons in her local area. Not long after she arrived in Hong Kong, she joined Cherdchai in 1998 as a hairdresser and stylist and has been an integral part of the business ever since.


Born and raised in Nakhon Ratchasima, Angel has specialised as a Gentleman’s Barber and Grooming hairdresser throughout her career from the earliest days in Bangkok. Originally working with Cherdchai in the early days she re-joined her in 2019. She loves grooming men’s hair and is well abreast with the latest styles for fashionable young men.


Born and raised in Kalasin, Isan in the East of Thailand, Nom has lived in Hong Kong for 11 years and has worked with Cherdchai for most of that time. She trained at the Wat Po Thai Massage School in Bangkok, which is the leading centre for traditional Thai massage and is one of the most experienced and best qualified in the profession in Hong Kong.


Born and raised in Kamphengphet in Northern Thailand, Pukky has worked with Cherdchai for 11 years. Graduating in Political Science from University, she opened a furniture shop, but circumstances brought her to Hong Kong, where she met Cherdchai. She is immensely experienced as a pedicure and manicure technician having received certification in HK and is also well versed as a Thai masseuse and plays a valuable supporting role in the salon.


Born and raised in Bang Pong in Ratchaburi west of Bangkok, Elle has worked with her Auntie Cherdchai since she came to Hong Kong 15 years ago. She attended the Wat Po Thai Massage and Spa School in Bangkok where she was licensed in Beauty therapy including waxing and hair removal, which has become her speciality skill.

Government Notice

Beauty and massage services will be suspended according to the HK Government restrictions. Hair and Barber open.