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Hair by Cherdchai

Shampoo (straight) $100 / $120 / $150
Shampoo (curly) $150 / $200
Anti-Dandruff Treatment $400
Basic Perm $600 and up
Technical Perm $800 and up
Digital Perm $1,200 and up
Straightening Perm $1,000 and up
Color $400 – $450 and up
Highlight (foil) $800 / $1,000 / $1,300
Total Repair Treatment $500
3.1 Hair Treatment (from Japan) $1,000
Hair Dress-up $400 and up
Make-up $350 and up
Party make-up By consultation
Haircut/Shampoo (regular stylist) $300 / $400
Haircut/Shampoo (Director) $350 / $450
Children $150/$200

Haircut $250
Children $150 / $200
Colour $350
Highlight (cap) $350
Haircut / Shampoo (Director) $280


Full leg / Half leg $450 / $290
Full arm / Half arm $300 / $250
Bikini $250
Brazilian / Hollywood $350 / $400
Underarm $150
Upper lip / Chin $100
Eyebrow $180

Ladies Hot Wax
Brazilian $450
Hollywood $500
Bikini $300
Underarm $250
Upper lip / Chin $200

Full leg / Half leg $600 / $300
Full arm $400
Bikini $660
Back $420
Stomach $250
Shoulder $250
Eyebrow $200

Playboy $1,000

Manicure and Hand Treatment

Manicure for ladies $180
Manicure for men $180
French manicure $230
Nail re-varnish $120 (add $50 for French)
Spa manicure for ladies $360
Spa manicure for men $360
Paraffin hand treatment $120
Hand spa (4 steps, 30 mins) $260
Hand massage (30 mins) $150
Manicure and pedicure $500

Pedicure and Foot treatment

Pedicure for ladies $360
Pedicure for men $380
French pedicure $230
Toenail re-varnish $120
Spa pedicure for ladies $570
Spa pedicure for men $600
Paraffin foot treatment $180
Foot spa (7 steps, 45 minutes) $360
Sole delight foot rub (30 mins) $200
Manicure and pedicure (no polish) $450

Nail Art

Soft gel nail pedicure $500 (add $50 for French)
Soft gel nail manicure $450 (add $50 for French)
Soft gel nail manicure and pedicure $900

Massage Therapy

Traditional Thai Massage 60 mins $500
With the herbal advance booking within 2 hours.Your Thai therapist will take you through a journey for the soul.
Traditional Thai Massage with herbal 90 mins $700
With the herbal advance booking within 2 hours.Your Thai therapist will take you through a journey for the soul.

This treatment relaxes and excites every sense and provides a unique aromatic journey for the soul. 60 mins $450
90 mins $650

Energise your body, revitalize your spirit. This massage is about feeling refreshed and invigorated. 60 mins $580
90 mins $750

Melt away tension with this massage using “batu” stones from Bali. The stones give up their power and warmth to tired and tense muscles, promoting inner peace and releasing muscular tension. 90 mins $850

This detoxifying massage combines Thai, Swedish and Lymphatic treatments. It helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and water retention. 60 mins $580
90 mins $750

Introduce yourself to a new level of touch and relaxation, achieved all over with penetrating heat from the stones. Excellent for tension and severe muscle spasm. 90 mins $850

This one-hour stone massage mainly focuses on the back to relieve tight tension. 60 mins $680

Help to relieve tension in the lower and upper back, as well as alleviate swelling of the hands and feet. 60 mins $450

Relaxes tight back muscles, relieving stubborn knots and tension 30 mins $350

The signature eye massage drains puffiness and fades dark circles adn fine lines, increasing penetration of the active ingredients 30 mins $290

This ultrasonic treatment helps to stimulate the circulation and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. 20 mins $200

Spa rituals

This treatment includes 30 minutes of stone massage on the back to help ease any knots and tension and 50 minutes of Cherdchai´s signature basic facial. Lie back, relax and let us do all the work for you. 120 mins $1,450

Smooth away dry and dull surface skin cells to reveal a fresh glow. Let us treat you to a dream journey massage – a ritual to ease the mind, muscles and soul. 90 mins $880

Gently exfoliating dry skin, then energizing with a refreshing bath, leaving your with a glowing skin. 60 mins $600

Body scrub 45 mins $380

Relaxes with a scalp massage and enjoy the ear candle therapy. 70 mins $600


For your primary facial care. This is the treatment for dull and stressed-out skin. Your skin will look refreshed, moisturized, smooth and radiant 50 mins $600

This treatment is for tried, very dry and dehydrated skin. It provides the maximum nourishment, hydration and protection against dryness with firming botanicals and vitamins. Your skin will feel moisturized, revitalized and calm. 60 mins $700

This treatment quickly relieves ultra-dry skin conditions and nourishes the driest skin. It alleviates fine lines with the help of moisturizing additives. 70 mins $900

This is the most powerful treatment if you are concerned with the signs of ageing: wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and dehydration. It provides powerful repair and regeneration to moisturize and soften your skin. 70 mins $900

Facial by Cherdchai

This facial includes cleansing, scrub, steam, extraction collagen gel with galvanic massage and mask 60 mins $500

This facial treatment is designed to improve acne-prone and congested skin. 45 mins $380

Beauty enhancers

Brow tidy $100
Brow tint $100
Eyelash tint $180